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RideFinders Vanpool Program


A RideFinders Vanpool is group of commuters sharing the ride to and from work in vans provided by RideFinders. Vanpools include a primary driver, back-up driver and riders who split the cost of the monthly fare.

The van's fuel, insurance, and maintenance are covered in your fare. There's no need to worry about fluctuating expenses or whose turn it is to pay for gas!

Vanpools are open to the public. We can help you join an existing vanpool or start a new one.

Vanpool Fare Chart

Click here to view the estimated monthly vanpool fare (cost) per rider based on commute miles, number of riders and current fuel prices.

Vanpool Guide

Click here to learn the benefits of a vanpool, how to join or start a vanpool, answers to frequently asked vanpool questions and more.