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RideFinders recently honored the recipients of this year's Regional Sustainability Awards. RideFinders distributes the awards to organizations that exemplify a commitment to improving air quality by partnering with RideFinders and encouraging sustainable commuting options for employees.

The recipients are The Charles F. Prevedel Federal Complex, Walgreens Distribution Center, and Washington University in St. Louis. The Charles F. Prevedel Federal Complex is being recognized for having the most engaged Employee Transportation Contacts. ETCs serve as on-site carpool and vanpool coordinators for an organization. The complex collaborates with RideFinders to provide opportunities for employees to participate in the RideFinders program. The Walgreens Distribution Center is being recognized for hosting the most on-site RideFinders events in the last 18 months, raising program awareness and providing opportunities for employees to register with RideFinders. Washington University in St. Louis has added the most registered carpools over the last 18 months, reducing traffic congestion, and joining in the effort to improve air quality in the St. Louis region.